What is JDivorce

JDivorce allows clients to prepare their divorce papers via a series of guided questionnaires. In other words, JDivorce is a web-based, document assembly tool. It was launched in July 2017 and has been free to use. It's web-based, so users don't need to install any software. Users just need to type in our website address in their browsers and get from their laptop, mobile, desktop, or tablet. JDivorce is secure, encrypted, and maintains user privacy. It follows Washington State guidelines for filling forms, e.g. clearly marking questions as "N/A" which don't apply to a user rather than leaving them blank. JDivorce is limited to divorce filings in Washington State only for now. It also has a very modern look and feel which adapts to the screen size.

JDivorce was founded by UW, Microsoft, and Amazon alums in collaboration with local family law attorneys. JDivorce is an improvement over existing document assembly tools (e.g. tool from Washington Law Help or Family Soft ) as it covers all divorce cases including divorces involving "dependent children".

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While JDivorce allows pro se clients to create paperwork, its larger purpose is to connect clients with lawyers, and legal professionals. We primarily target those clients who would otherwise never hire a legal professional because of costs or inconvenience. According to American Bar Association report: "Although the growth in self-representation affects all of our court departments, its greatest impact is felt in the Probate and Family Court, where, depending upon the county, as many as 80% of family law cases involve at least one self-represented party."  In fact many tech-savvy users who can afford legal services opt for the pro se approach for convenience.

Benefits to Legal Professional

JDivorce makes it easy and inexpensive for legal professionals in family law to be introduced to new clients.  JDivorce accomplishes this in the following ways:

  1. Marketing: JDivorce is superior than other marketing websites because our strategy is not ad based, but rather service based. JDivorce uses advanced algorithms to target clients based on not ads but by offering genuinely free services. We advertise on Google Search, Facebook and other online channels, and constantly exploring more. In effect, we channel those clients who have already made the decision to proceed with divorce. They are not in the early stages. They are not shopping around anymore for general information. The will act fast. In fact, many will be introduced to you after they have committed to purchase a review or basic service. Clients reaching will be local. You can meet them in person conveniently
  2. Introductory Information: Clients basic questions around legal information are already answered via a variety of resources ranging from FAQs to in depth topic coverage on JDivorce.
  3. Client Case Information:  When the clients first reach you, you will receive their case information  -  full names, dates of births, social security numbers, addresses, children, incomes -- right away. A key aspect of our offering is to use online forms to help clients enter their case information with the intent of creating efficiency. JDivorce software runs validation checks instantly to provide live feedback to users for mistake corrections. For example,  the date of birth is checked to be a date in the past. Similarly,  any address provided is validated using Google Maps. And so on. When a client hires you and sends you his or her online application, you get a head start by beginning with a polished case information.  
  4. Payments:  In case a client purchases a service, the client is required to pay in full. So when you accept a case, you're paid upfront. Our intent is to save you more time and money by avoiding the need to track. 
  5. Costs to You:  The cost is completely free to you. If we continue to see strong growth, then some time in the future we may introduce commissions. You will be charged a marketing commission only if a client purchases a paid service with you and you receive a payment.
  6. Increase Your Income: JDivorce provides case summaries, and implements other checks aimed at saving lawyers like you time.  Our goal is to allow you to review more cases per day, and pass on the savings to your clients.

How it works

  1. Setup your profile

    Register your account then setup your profile by answering approximately 10 questions such as your name, licenses, contact info and any experiences you would like to add to your profile.

  2. Add Pricing

    While not required, we strongly recommend clearly listing the prices for basic services, particularly for cases where the work can be quantified. There is immense research to indicate that clients are more likely to purchase an offering if the pricing information is available upfront. Even a simple request to call you for pricing can discourage clients from reaching out to you or hiring you.
    We offer the following standard packages

    • Review of complete application: Dissolution: Uncontested no children
    • Review of complete application: Dissolution: Uncontested with children
    • Hourly rate for more contested cases
    • Whether you'll offer a free phone call consultation
  3. Receive Leads

    Using a simple button on the JDivorce Admin screen, you can indicate whether or not you are available or not to take cases. We will match you with clients only if you've indicated so. When a client wants to hire you, we will send you an email notification along with the client's case summary and contact info. You have the option to take the case or decline it. If you don't respond within one business day, then we will try to match the client with another lawyer. We provide clarity to the client that no attorney-client relationship is established until you explicitly indicate so.

    Your commitment is limited to completing the task purchased by the client.  We expect the clients to hire you for future work directly and bring you additional beyond the initial purchase.

    At any given time, you can make your profile completely invisible on JDivorce again using a simple button from the JDivorce Admin screen

Getting Support

You can contact us via phone, online form, or via e-mail for getting live support 24x7.