Step 1 Setup Your Account

  • Website, Phone, Email
  • All Insurances e.g. Malpractice, Liability
  • Calendar
  • Case Management Tools
  • Paycheck Setup

Step 2 Provide Legal Service

  • See case summaries in your inbox
  • Fixed prices based on case type
  • Click to accept a case
  • Deliver legal services e.g. review or prepare contracts etc.

Step 3 Get Paid

  • Receive payments
  • Compensation is in the range $100-$200 per hour

JDivorce makes it easy for lawyers practicing family law to establish their solo practice.

JDivorce provides case leads in your email inbox with a detailed description of the legal service required. These are for local clients in your city. You can review these leads. Based on the information available and the compensation offered, you can decide on whether or not to take a case. You can also ask follow up questions before accepting a case to ensure the scope of work is reasonable.

JDivorce then provides tools for you efficiently provide legal services

Your commitment is limited to completing the task and a small fixed number of follow up hours.

JDivorce's goal is to use technology to increase a lawyer's impact. And in the process make legal services more affordable particularly for the tech savvy users.

Case Study:

Attorney Ersnt was able to quickly setup his legal practice. On April 18th 2017 he signed up with JDivorce. He received nineteen case leads over the next seven days. He reviewed but did not take any. Then after about a week, he selected a case he liked by clicking on it. The case involved reviewing a US citizenship application for an individual. The review process took merely 30 minutes of Attorney Allan's time after automated tools had already caught the common issues with an application.