JDivorce wants to make legal services more affordable, by using tech to cut expenses for legal professionals like you. Read more in About Us


JDivorce has sophisticated features aimed at cutting your operating costs to help with our vision of affordable and frictionless access to justice:

Create Website

Create a modern, mobile-friendly website directly from your browser in 10-20 mintues. The website will be optimized for Google Search Engines. There will be no ads or branding.

Get Client Leads

The biggest benefit you will receive is getting with client referrals. These are clients in your city, late in their pocess to shop around and are ready to commit. Hundreds of visitors will view your website directed from Our vision is to cut your marketing expenses.

Smart Questionnaires

Clients approaching you via JDivorce will have completed online divorce questionnaires. So when you you take a client, you will get a headstart. You can also invite your existing clients so they receive a friendly e-mail with links to questionnaires. You can also add custom questionnaries specific to your practice

Download and Print

Once your client completes the divorce surveys, you can generate divorce papers for any county (King, Pierce, Snohomish, Spokane and so on) with a single click. The divorce papers genareted are in PDF and Word.

Case Management

Keep all documents for a case in one place. View case summaries including important dates and deadlines. Setup automated reminders to clients on important dates.


JDivorce cuts the time spent in onboarding clients by providing them with:

  • Common process info e.g. divorce process in their county
  • Timeline and important dates
  • FAQ
  • Appointment setting

When the clients first reach you, you will receive the client's information  -  full names, dates of births, social security numbers, addresses, children, incomes -- right away.

Payments First

In case a client purchases a service, the client is required to pay in full. So when you accept a case, you're paid upfront. Our intent is to save you more time and money by avoiding the need to track.

Payment Options

You have option to receive payments via: debit or credit card or via Paypal.

  • Debit Card (ACH)
  • All Major Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover
  • Paypal

The transaction fees are 0.5% for ACH about 3% which are directly charged by our providers Stripe

How it Works!

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JDivorce protects your information by complying with one of the most comprehensive security standards, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).  PCI DSS is a security standard for software that handles customer information. Originally aimed at credit card companies, PCI DSS is now used by all major technology companies handling customer data.

JDivorce uses HTTPS security protocol to securely transfer your information. HTTPS is the global standard in how computer systems safely transmit information through the internet. HTTPS prevents any third party from viewing or modifying your information.

Our data centers are physically located in the Virginia and California, and are compliant with all US privacy laws.

It's ok to list a price that you are comforable with. We may offer the lowest price package offering at the top

Yes, your domain and website content can be ported over to other providers