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Common Divorce Questions

A "no-fault" divorce simply means that in case you're filing for divorce, then you don't have to prove a reason for seeking divorce. Historically the law required the spouse seeking divorce to give a reason such as cruelty or adultery, and which in turn required evidence. So a no-fault divorce is a change in law done in the 1970s to simplify getting a divorce.
The legal system in Washington prefers that parents themselves determine how they split the children's time spend with each parent. The details of how children spent their time is documented by the parents in the legal form titled "Parnting Plan". In case the parents cannot reach an agreement, then a judge makes a decision on the parenting plan. Judges base their Parenting Plan decisions on the 'best interest of the children'. Factors that affect the best interest are:
  • Providing a loving and stable environment to children
  • Participation in children's education and sports
  • Providing financial support
The shortest path to divorce is when boh of you agree and file jointly. In that case it takes about three and half months from the day you submit the completed application. In case you and your spouse disagree, then the legal system is designed to help you mutually reach agreement and use the judge's decision only as a last resort. That proces can take from one to two years depending on the complexity of your case.
A divorce means an end or dissolution of marriage, including the division of everything shared such as assets, liabilities and children's custody. Legal separation does not end the marriage but still divides everything shared such as assets, liabilities and children's custody. An annulment ends a marriage but does so by treating the marriage as if it never happened. Annulments are quite rare.
If you receive a divorce papers, you should ideally work with a qualified Washington family law attorney immediately about protecting your rights. The divorce papers consist of Summons and the Petition for Dissolution filed by your spouse. Your response needs to be carefully crafted as it will help safeguard your interests in the legal system. You usually have 20 days to respond to the petition and the deadlines are firm.
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