About JDivorce

"JDivorce's mission is increase access to the justice system using artificial intelligence. Our first accomplishment (2017) is to simplify the divorce process for Washington state both for clients and lawyers. JDivorce is based in Seattle, and was launched by Microsoft and Amazon alumni."

Benefits for Clients

JDivorce helps ordinary citizens seeking a divorce by

  • Lower Costs  JDivorce provides several free self-service tools. Clients can also purchase fixed price legal packages.
  • Convenience JDivorce makes it convenient to work with attorneys. It provides a central place to manage all documents. It organizes the process in steps. And it makes appointment setting easier.

Benefits for Lawyers and Legal Professionals

JDivorce reduces operating expenses for lawyers, LLLTs, mediators and any professional providing services to a divorce client by:

  • Website: JDivorce allows legal professionals to setup their website for free on premium .com domains.
  • Marketing: JDivorce is "leadgen" or brings in clients. JDivorce brings in clients not by ads but by providing genuinely helpful free online tools such as the divorce document assembly. In addition we do digital markeitng on Google Search and Facebook using advanced algorithms to reach the most relevant audience who have committed to file proceed futher or are further along the decision funnel. You will receive leads for clients in your city.
  • Onboarding FAQs JDivorce provides initial process and related legal information. So by the time the client reaches you the clien is ramped up and doesn't need basic info. S
  • Getting Client Information:  When the clients first reach you, you will receive their completed online questionnaires that cover all the question on the divorce application. So you can quickly receive all the relevant info.
  • Payments:  When a client hires you, all the payment is paid upfront.

Our Team


Mir Tariq

CEO, Co-Founder

Raymond Huang

CTO, Co-Founder