Divorce process preview

After the first questionnaire, we generate a divorce process based on your county and your unique situation. Here's an example of a divorce process. It captures the steps, who does what at every step, and the duration

Final Divorce Application

After answering questions, download your complete application. The application consists of several court forms. Here's a sample for the King County created using JDivorce

Accurate and customized

The divorce process is determined by a combination of laws from your county, state, and some times even the federal government and international treaties. For example each state including Washington have a unique divorce process. Within Washington, the King county has slightly different process than Pierce county and so on.

The divorce processs also depends on your specific situation such as whether you and your spouse agree or not on the terms of the divorce.

JDivorce takes into account all the relevant facts to determine both the divorce process, and the specific government forms required.

Updated with current court forms

JDivorce receives daily updates from the courts across Washington on updates in the processes

For example governemnt forms can have new revisions released.

JDivorce takes into account even the minor details so your application is correct, easy to process for the court staff, and you don't have to make extra trips.

Step by step instructions

You will be guided to prepare your divorce application. The questions are in plain conversational language. You are not expected to have prior legal knowledge. Difficult concepts are broken down. For example, rather than asking you whether Washington courts have jurisdiction over the parties, the software poses simple questions to determine the underlying facts. By evaluating your responses, JDivorce determines whether jurisdiction is established.

Smart questionnaires

You will be asked a series of questions which are grouped into sections. After every section, your input is processed to determine which further sections apply and which can be safely skipped as inapplicable. For example, the response to the question "Do you have dependent children?" determines whether you will address sections covering dependent children.

Complete application through all stages

JDivorce builds the paper work not just for the initial filing, but for the complete process. All of these are generate intially so you can print all of the paper work upfront. You can always return to edit your application and re-print.


Your data is kept secure and encrypted. When you use JDivorce from your laptop/phone/tablet we ensure added security and auto-logout. Similarly, your data is strongly encrypted during transit, and when it's finally stored on our servers in Virginia, USA.


JDivorce does not use your data for any other purposes other than filling your applications

You can send us a request to purge your data after you complete your application


JDivorce accurately creates the divorce application. I used it for the King County. My favorite feature is ability to download in Word format so I can make changes in future.

Ben Brooks, Licensed Paralegal


We were able to file application for our divorce in two hours. We saved a about $150 which was the cheapest alternative.

JDivorce Client


JDivorce made the paperwork simpler during a very difficult period in my life.

JDivorce Client


I liked that JDivorce made this difficult process simpler so my ex and I could file without discussing our private lives with others.

JDivorce Client

Common Divorce Questions

A "no-fault" divorce simply means that in case you're filing for divorce, then you don't have to prove a reason for seeking divorce. Historically the law required the spouse seeking divorce to give a reason such as cruelty or adultery, and which in turn required evidence. So a no-fault divorce is a change in law done in the 1970s to simplify getting a divorce.
The legal system in Washington prefers that parents themselves determine how they split the children's time spend with each parent. The details of how children spent their time is documented by the parents in the legal form titled "Parnting Plan". In case the parents cannot reach an agreement, then a judge makes a decision on the parenting plan. Judges base their Parenting Plan decisions on the 'best interest of the children'. Factors that affect the best interest are:
  • Providing a loving and stable environment to children
  • Participation in children's education and sports
  • Providing financial support
The shortest path to divorce is when you and your spouse file an uncontested divorce jointly. In that case it takes about three and half months. A contested divorce can take up to two years depending on the complexity of your case.
A divorce means an end or dissolution of marriage, including the division of everything shared such as assets, liabilities and children's custody. Legal separation does not end the marriage but still divides everything shared such as assets, liabilities and children's custody. An annulment ends a marriage but does so by treating the marriage as if it never happened. Annulments are quite rare.
If you receive a divorce papers, you should ideally work with a qualified Washington family law attorney immediately to protect your rights. Your response needs to be carefully crafted as it will help safeguard your interests in the legal system. You usually must respond within 20 days.